Virtual Training Toolbox

Utilizing an Innovative
Kidz-Centered Approach!

What you will learn in the RNN Sports Gym™

You will have a chance to learn new skills, be exposed to drills to reinforce skills and recognize how important basic movement patterns assist you in staying healthy.

  • Introduction to teaching the Fundamental Skills of Volleyball (FSV) utilizing the key words
  • Learning skill progressions to assist in staying injury free
  • How to plan your training at Home utilizing what you have learned from the Online Courses
  • Learning the steps to becoming a certified instructor / skills trainer or trainer for ages 10 and under
  • Stay engaged by following RNNSportsgym on Facebook
  • Increase your Volleybal IQ whether you are a player or teacher by watching how kidz ages 10 and under perform skills and exercises (example Jump Rope routines assist all sport movement patterns)

Who can benefit from a RNN Sports Gym™ Membership?

Physical Education Teachers

Give your students the edge by providing them the key words and drills that reinforce volleyball skills and movement patterns. New exercises will be beneficial for any sport your student is engaged in or wanting to begin.


Looking for a program that will teach your child skills for volleyball that will be useful in all sports? Our online courses will enhance your child’s volleyball skills and IQ plus provide you the knowledge to better understand the options available.

Youth Coaches

Enhance your knowledge by learning a methodology that is proven and effective in developing footwork and skills. Challenge your athletes to advance to the next level by providing exercises that increase their balance, agility, speed, flexibility, and hand/eye coordination.


Looking to have more FUN! Well, learning the skills allow you and your friends to keep the ball in play so you can have more FUN. This virtual experience allows you to become better at your skills and movement patterns.

RNN Sports Gym™ does NOT have a physical address - everything is VIRTUAL 24/7

Take a Tour with Emma in our Virtual Gym

Net-Results Sports Center, Plano, Texas; The Den South, hosted by Husky Volleyball Windsor, CT; and the Athletic Republic, hosted by DCPG Sports, District Heights, Maryland