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Why Become a Certified GKYS™ Skills Trainer?

For GKYS™ VIRTUAL SKILLS TRAINER Certification, start the application process; this is a limited time offer for ONLY 10 trainers. You will be required to attend LIVE ZOOM training with Founder Ruth N. Nelson and also be required to ZOOM Nelson into your LIVE training to complete your certification.


  1. Provide training and certification of the GoKids Youth Sports™ program to parents, elementary school teachers, recreational coaches and youth club coaches.
  2. Provide sports skills training, clinics and camps for kids and youth ages 7 and under (Level 1) and ages 8 and up (Level 2).

GoKids Youth Sports™ (GKYS™) was created by Hall of Famer, Ruth N. Nelson and Art of Coaching. Nelson has emphasized training kidz and youth ages 12 and under over the past 20 years. She has also created an instructor/trainer certification for the Bring Your Own Parent® Program working with kidz ages 10 and under and their parents.


GKYS™ Skills Trainers stay updated on the newest drills and skills used for ages 7 and under and 8 and up

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