RNN Sports Gym™ was created by Founder, Ruth N. Nelson and Creative Director, Beth Howes after a discussion on what is the niche that is not being provided for online courses with all the material in one place.  Nelson and Howes began with 5 slides in their google documents which grew to over 150 working slides. Each week the plans began to develop into a full service one-stop-shop with all the materials needed for teachers instructing ages 4-10.  Nelson has spent the past 21 years developing programs for this age group. During the past 13 years, she has developed BYOP® Bring Your Own Parent® for kids 10 and under with their parents training on the court with them and GoKids Youth Sports™ Certification program to accommodate teachers, recreational leaders, and youth coaches with a chance to train kidz whose parents may not have the time to attend the training.  It is so easy for kidz to become discouraged when success involves hand-eye coordination, agility, speed, and strength to enjoy the sport.

With that in mind, Nelson and Howes decided the RNN Sports Gym™ would need to include online courses, certifications, programs, and the ability for any member to learn the history, basic key words, the teaching progression and drills that can be modified for kidz success.  The Home Training Program Series™ was developed by The Art of Coaching and Nelson to accommodate an organized plan so kids could practice at home, on a vacation or prior to their regular practice. This program would have video, quizzes, charts, with the strategy in mind they would need a little assistance from their parents.  BYOP® 101 was also created by Art of Coaching and Nelson to provide the four basic skills of passing, setting, serving, and attacking. This course provides the key words so each kid can follow along and answer age-appropriate questions as well as practice alongside players of their same age group.