Why Become a Certified BYOP® Instructor?

Nelson has spent the past 20 years becoming an expert in working with youth ages 4-11. She is excited to share her program by providing her experiences and effective training techniques learned from the BEST coaches and trainers in the WORLD. Her program is based on her expertise and 40+ years of experience including an undergraduate degree and Master degree in Physical Education and Psychology with emphasis on anatomy, biomechanics and exercise physiology. She is prepared to share the "Nelson Factor™ with everyone involved in becoming a Certified BYOP® Local, State or National Instructor and/or Certified BYOP® Local, State and /or National Trainer.

General Mission Statement of the BYOP® Program

The Mission and Philosophy of the BYOP® program is to provide youth who aspire to be the best they can be with the necessary volleyball skills and life lessons to reach their capabilities.


Players and parents are engaged at all times during each session..

• Both participate in the physical portion of the session and provide feedback and error analysis.

• Parents and players work side-by-side to effectively learn the skills so they can practice at home reinforcing the same cues while improving their skills.

• In addition, each gains the respect of the other because of the challenge of the sport, the commitment of time and the teamwork needed to fulfill each of their roles.

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