Volleyball Library

History of Volleyball

Enjoy the timeline of when volleyball originated in the US, when it was an official Olympic sport and some important facts along the way.  “Without knowing and respecting the history there is NO future.” Ruth N. Nelson. Visit >>

Key Words and Basic Glossary of Terms / Definitions

Learn the key words for the basic fundamental skills of volleyball and the general terms that are used in volleyball that will help each person understand the sport and develop a love and passion.Visit >

BYOP Podcasts

“I love talking about Ruth N Nelson’s BYOP® program – it’s amazing for kids to learn a sport better, and with parents being involved,” Dave Briglio. BYOP® Podcast Series include: BYOP® parents, National Leaders, high school coaches, club coaches, club directors, BYOP® Instructors, Volleyball Leaders. Visit>>

Who Is RNN

Getting to know the person behind the “RNN”, will provide you great knowledge of why she has developed so many innovative programs over the past 40+ years. With an undergraduate degree in phyiscal education and psychology and a graduate degree in physical education allows RNN to be at the forefront of analyzing the biomechanics for success. Visit >>

Future Sports

RNN Sports Gym™ has a vision of including many additional sports in the Future.Take a look at what sports we are considering and find a Certified Local Instructor to begin. Visit >>

BYOP® Beach

BYOP® is not limited to indoor volleyball. BYOP® Beach allows kidz with their parent  and/or legal guardian to participate together outside more easily and still enjoy the quality time together. Visit >>

Louisiana Volleyball Club

Louisiana Volleyball Club (LVC) is a 501 c3 non-profit organization started in 1985 by Ruth N. Nelson to provide athletes an opportunity to improve their skills to reach a level of excellence whereby they could receive a college athletic scholarship to fund their higher education. . Visit >>

Modified Equipment and Devices Used in Volleyball

There are many types and sizes of volleyball, however, Founder Ruth N. Nelson has spent over 7 years testing ball size, weight, material and color to be sure that kidz will continue to be successful by having the best ball for immediate success. Be sure to visit and see the many devices and teaching aids that will enhance performance for success.   Visit >>

Emoji SuperHero

Virtual RNN Sports Gym™ This page will recognize each athlete who is a member of one of our programs. Please submit a personal emoji and we will induct their emoji into the RNN Sports Gym™. Visit >

Social Media

Please find  social media for all programs including: GoKids Youth Sports™, NART™, RNN Sports Gym™, RNN Training, and Bring Your Own Parent (BYOP®). Enjoy following us on all of our platforms to stay updated on our newest event and /or project. Visit >


Who Can Find?  This allows a player to find different objects  that relate to volleyball.  Be sure to challenge your friends and your parents by timing this FUN game for any age.Visit >>

Friends and Partners

Want to be part of this program?  We are looking for companies and organizations that want to partner with us to assist in creating innovative training in skills for all sports.  Our programs bring parent/child together to learn new sports. Visit >>