HTPS™ the online course of the FUTURE!  

Bridge the gap between training and competition

It is not enough to work on the Physical Elements of Performance and the Fundamental Skills of Volleyball in practice! Home training bridges the gap between training and competition by providing an ideal non-competitive, yet challenging, atmosphere within a safe and support environment. Daily work at home affords players the opportunity to advance at a quicker rate.

The Home Training Program Series™ (HTPS™) was created by Art of Coaching Volleyball and BYOP® Founder, Ruth N. Nelson, who has amassed over 40 years of volleyball experience and expertise at all levels. Ruth is a former USA Team player, teacher, and coach at the collegiate, national, international, and professional levels. For the past 21 years, Ruth has focused on and created the most innovative program for ages 10 and under that engages parents alongside their children in training (Bring Your Own Parent Program – BYOP®).

Ruth has created this unique Home Training Program Series™ for elementary students, youth players, parents, teachers and coaches that may be practiced not only at home with a parent, sibling or friend, but also before and after your regular team practice.

This program addresses two major areas:  Physical Elements of Performance (PEP), which includes jump rope routines, hand-eye coordination using tennis balls, ace player card exercises, and the basic enhanced movement patterns used in volleyball. Fundamental Skills of Volleyball, which includes Ace Player Card exercises, self and partner tossing for passing and setting, tossing for serving plus footwork and arm swing for attacking.

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Home Training Program Series™ at a glance”

  • Two Levels of training with over  102 exercises: (Level 1 (7 and under) & Level 2 (8 and up)
  • Four Sections: Physical Elements of Performacnce (Level 1 & 2 & Fundamental Skills of Volleyball (Level 1 & 2)
  • HTPS™ Worksheets to work players through three specific exercises and skill work for 7 days a week for 8 weeks.
  • Ace Player Card downloads to improve consistency and accuracy with fun exercises
  • 34 quizzes with 102 questions geared toward elementary student and youth
  • Certificate of Completion for successfully completing the program

Jump Rope Routines


Hand-Eye Coordination


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