SOFTLIGHT YOUTH VOLLEYBALLThe Softlight Youth Volleyball is designed especially for young volleyball players just learning the game. The soft, no sting foam cover and lighter than regulation makes it easy to teach  proper volleyball techniques as well as have immediate success.

SOFTLIGHT YOUTH OVERSIZED VOLLEYBALL –  Teach 8U volleyball players without the fear of pain with our soft, no sting foam cover and lighter than regulation weight volleyball. The larger size shape makes it easy to teach  little hands proper volleyball fundaments.

For the past 20 years, Ruth N. Nelson has focused on growing the game of volleyball by teaching volleyball skills to youth ages 4-10 years old. Her two youth training programs demonstrate the appropriate technique for the basic fundamental skills of volleyball – passing, setting (catch & set), serving and attacking. By emphasizing the correct most efficient and effective technique, players mature and develop their skills with less risk of injury. Because of her passion and energy for youth volleyball, it was an easy decision for BADEN SPORTS to partner with her to create the Softlight Youth Series product line that fit this niche.

VERT is the BEST device to test our jumping ability, track our progress and provide immediate feedback no matter what your age might be. 

PUFFERS Is one of Nelson’s newest teaching devices for serving, movement exercises, catching, throwing, attacking, catch & set.

JUMP ROPE ROUTINES have become one of the foundation exercises that all ages, including adults, should utilized daily as it may be self-initiated. The benefits are enormous for not only staying in shape but it builds confidence in young athletes and has been proven over the past 12 years. 

Knee pads and shoesonly recently have they become available in kidz and youth sizes. Kidz need to learn to protect their knees by wearing knee pads, as many times a player will have to go to the floor to get the ball up. Shoes made for indoor sports will provide the needed support as kidz do not need volleyball shoes until after age 12 if they are playing on a competitive team.

Poles – are critical as net height needs to be much lower for ages 10 and under.