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From the Beginning!

RNN Sports Gym™ was created by Founder Ruth N. Nelson and Creative Director Beth Howes after a discussion on the niche and space that is not being provided in online courses.  Nelson and Howes began with 5 slides in their Google documents which grew to over 120 working slides. Each week the plan began to develop into a full service one-stop-shop including materials needed for teachers as they prepared for students ages 4-10.  


Nelson has spent the past 21 years developing programs for this age group. During the past 13 years, she has developed the BYOP® (Bring Your Own Parent®) program for kids 10 and under and their parents training with them on the court. Later she developed the GoKids Youth Sports™ Certification program to accommodate teachers, recreational leaders and youth whose parents may not have the time to attend with their kids.  We all want kids to have immediate success; often they become discouraged when success involves hand-eye coordination, agility, speed and strength to enjoy the sport. So with that in mind, Nelson and Howes decided that the RNN Sports Gym™ would need to include online courses, certifications, and programs which included the history of the sport, basic key words, and a group of videos teaching the progressions and modifications that could lead to kids’ success.


The Home Training Program Series™ was developed with Art of Coaching. it provides an organized plan so kids can practice at home, on vacation or even prior to their regular practice.  This program consists of videos, quizzes, and charts with the strategy of needing a little assistance from their parents.  In addition, BYOP® 101 created with Art of Coaching; it provides the four basic skills of passing, setting, serving, and attacking. This course also includes the key words so each kid can follow along and watch, answer some age-appropriate questions as well as practice alongside players of their same age group.


Take a quick view on why and how BYOP® on the GO got started!

BYOP® On the GO ZOOM Show was created and is being hosted by Founder Ruth N. Nelson. Nelson will provide viewers virtually how she feels her journey in sports has helped her develop a methodology so KIDZ can learn basic movement skills and sport-specific skills and still enjoy, love and develop a passion for the sport.
Many of her guests will include teachers, parents, players and coaches so we hear how they have enjoyed the many innovative programs created for ages 3-10. Participants in these program may include a school teacher or PE teacher training student at school; parents training their kids; parents coaching a recreational team or youth parents/coaches that have that burning desire to learn as much as they can from innovative programs.
We will announce our topics and or guests for the next BYOP® on the Go monthly.
Join us to listen live on : https://www.facebook.com/rnnsportsgym
Join us to listen live on : Wednesday 6:00 PM CST        https://www.facebook.com/rnnsportsgym

Session #12 (December 8)

Session #11 (November 17)

Our Guest is Terry Liskevych, co-founder of Art of Coaching, the largest online content provider in the WORLD! Art of Coaching has been instrumental when it comes to courses for BYOP® and GoKids Youth Sports.  Having successfully launched BYOP® 101, our basic volleyball fundamentals geared toward ages 10 and under and most recent, Home Training Program Series™, both online courses have been featured all over the world.  Thanks to Terry, Russ and John, our programs continue to grow. BYOP® has programs in the following: BYOP® -SoCal; BYOP®- Chicago North; BYOP® – Cincinnati; BYOP® -Edmond, OK; BYOP® – Wichita Falls,TX; and many cities in the Dallas Ft Worth area.
November 17,  Wednesday 6:00 PM CST we will announce our topics and or guests for December 8 BYOP® on the Go!.
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Session #10 (October 13)

Our guest is Eric Miracle who is our first VIP RNNSports Gym™ member. Head Coach Richardson High school volleyball. He will be giving us his thoughts on the RNN Sports Gym™, Virtual Volleyball experience and Bring Your Own Parent® Program
October 13 Wednesday 6:00 PM CST we will announce our topics and or guests for November 17 BYOP® on the Go!.
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Session #9 (September 15)

Our special guest with be coming live directly from Tijuana, Mexico as he is the influencer in Mexico and known as @TodosSomos Voleibal TSV Host. @Marco Garcia Hinojos . Emma will be creating a great list of questions for her friend that will for sure bring you information but also a few laughs as Emma has been on his show many times over the past 15 months

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Session #8 (August 18)

Co-Host Emma Sun will be interviewing RNN Sports Gym™ Founder Ruth N. Nelson on the next BYOP On The Go.  Emma will be asking Coach Nelson: how and why the website was created; benefits of being a member; and best ways to navigate the website plus the Virtual Gym inside the website.  

Coach Nelson will be highlighting how Physical Education and elementary school teachers; recreational leaders and youth coaches can benefit from having all the training information on one website.  Emma will be asking Coach Nelson to share how she created new training with new videos and why specific equipment is used to assist in her training.  Kidz ages 10 and under and their parents will find the website is a great place for them to learn and have FUN about the sport of volleyball.

Join us to listen live on : https://www.facebook.com/rnnsportsgy


Session #7 (July 14)

Our Guest will be Dave Briglio: Coaching & Leadership Podcast Host.. .Coach… Speaker. And also a Professional Engineer, taking coaching & mentoring skills into the workplace lives in Maryland and has 4 daughters who played sports. 

Our secret guest will come on toward the end of the show (Danielle Scott 5X Olympian).

Join us to listen live on : https://www.facebook.com/rnnsportsgym


Session #6 (June 16)

Our guest is Jentry Allen who has been a BYOP® Mentor for the past 5 years and has been with our BYOP® – Lovejoy Pilot program from the beginning. She played volleyball at Lovejoy High School and just finished her first year at Stonehill College playing volleyball on scholarship.

Our secret guest will come on toward the end of the show (MaryKate Marshall – Professional Volleyball Player.

Join us to listen live on : https://www.facebook.com/rnnsportsgym

Session #5 (May 12)

Our guest tonight is Ryan Mitchell, Head Coach Lovejoy High will be joining us to talk about why the BYOP® programs was beneficial for his community and school but also will be asked by our Co-Host Emma Sun a number of questions that she has on her mind looking ahead into her future high school team.

Secret guest were  BYOP® family Tatum and her mom Kaitlin who happen to be daughter and wife of Coach Ryan Mitchell.

Join us to listen live on : https://www.facebook.com/rnnsportsgymt

Session #4 (April 14)

Our guest is Richard Scott, Volleyball Division Manager for Baden Sports and the topics will be why this innovative Softlight is the #1 Choice for KIDZ ages 10 and under and Baden Sports and why they have chosen to partner with Ruth N. Nelson and the BYOP®, GKYS™ programs and is part of the new virtual RNN Sports Gym™ that will roll out this summer.

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Session #3 (March 17)

Our Co-Host Guest will be Emma as she successfully completed both BYOP® 101 and HTPS™ online courses which are hosted by @theartofcoachingvb. Emma took both courses within 6 weeks after COVID. She will provide some great insight into why both courses should be taken together. Emma will share not only why learning the basic skills are FUN online but also how a tracking chart is useful plus age appropriate questions to check her understanding are vital in learning. Kidz need some direction but hearing from a 9-year-old, her success from taking both courses will be beneficial for parents, elementary PE teachers, and recreational youth coaches.

Join us to listen live on : https://www.facebook.com/rnnsportsgym


 Session #2 (February 17)

 Wednesday 6:00 PM CST  Join us for a conversation with Emma and her mother, Cathy, about the topic of Jenny Lang Ping, the most famous volleyball player and coach in China, which the movie “LEAP” (Amazon Prime) was about. Jenny Lang Ping is the only volleyball player that has won a GOLD medal as a player and coach of the Olympic Women’s Team in China. Emma will provide why she has Lang Ping and Flo Hyman as her idols and heroes.

Be sure to watch the movie so you can ask a few questions to this 9-year-old who just began her training less than a year ago.

Join us to listen live on : https://www.facebook.com/rnnsportsgym

 Session #1 (January 13)

BYOP® on the Go!

Our guest today was Creative Director, Elizabeth Howes, who was surprised to be on Facebook Live instead of training for our BYOP® on the Go Show should look like.

We briefly introduced Phase V in the development of a virtual classroom for volleyball education. You will learn the four basic volleyball skills through our BYOP®101 online course. Our Home Training Program Series™ online course shows you how to practice your skills at home with a friend and/or your parents or brothers and sisters.
RNN Sports Gym™ does not have a physical address – everything is VIRTUAL 24/7. We also covered how Physical Education teachers could benefit from our online courses and our RNN Sports Gym™. Beth had a chance to give her perspective how she approached the creation of our original google classroom style and we soon realized that having a website would allow visitors to jump around easier. She addressed why virtual training can be beneficial for all ages and for all sports.
Join us for our monthly Facebook Live by liking our RNN Sports Gym™ Facebook page to stay up on BYOP®, GoKids Youth Sports™, NART™, discounts on products and online courses!

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