Who Can Find?

Who can find each of the items in the box?  You may do this individually or challenge a friend to see who can find the items first.   Keep track of the time it took you to find all the items, then come back and see if you can beat your time.   Do not let the “2 RNN Photos” slow you down.  You may need to go the to Who is RNN? Page on the website to see who is RNN.

DEVELOPING a PLAYER IQTo increase your volleyball IQ, you must understand the equipment needed, terms and key words.  Play this game with a friend or family member.  Call out one of these items:  Jump Ropes, Puffers, Knee Pads, Poles, and Vert.  Find the item.   After locating the item, explain why these items are used in training.  For this list of items, you will find the answers on the Modified Equipment and Teaching Devices page of this website. 

Developing a Deeper Player IQ – Play with a friend or family member.   Find one of the six Ace Players and give the 1) Ace Player’s position; 2) Key Words used for this position.   You will find the answers in the BYOP® 101 Course or on the BYOP® 101 Videos.